Okay I have 3 suggestions for the democrats.
1. Keep it in your pants for pity's sake. Show a little discipline.
2. Get a tutorial about your privacy and the Internet, as in mutually exclusive concepts.
3. When the republicans also show their lack of sense, fucking call them on it. Loudly. Their hypocrisy alone should be getting you votes.
And good riddance to the bastard.
So this wedding was in much better taste than the last one. And no, did not get up at 1am to watch it. I got the highlights version on the web. Pretty dress! And the maid of honor's dress was nice too.
My son is getting married exactly a month from now (being on the subject and all...) and I've seen my soon-to-be daughter's dress on her. Just beautiful! And in case anyone's wondering, there is nothing bad about this girl or her family. We are all very happy.
Read a couple of articles and did a little research in the manuscripts. Other than a couple of herbal in the late 15th century, there's nothing at the Huntington I can use. Sad to think I have to wait until I can spend a couple of months buried in archives to find anything. Not that that wouldn't be nice, but I can't get away that long until I stop working.



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